Customer: TAMINCO ( International Manufacturer of Alkylamines and derivates )

Application: UF Membrane protection

– Segment Market: Chemical / Water
– Use: Process Water
– Unitary Flow: 250 m3/h
– Water Quality: Canal Water


– Units: 1
– Automatic  Hydraulic Self Cleaning Filter (AF-800) – Skid Mounted
– Filtration Degree: 120 microns
– Material: CS Body , StSt316L Internals
– Country: Mexico

The Need: Pre treatment for Ultra Filtration Membranes

– The plant utilizes Canal water treated to a level of Ultra Pure Water to ensure reliability of production process.
– The client’s engineering team has defined the use of Ultra Filtration membranes as the main treatment method with a requirement to protect the UF membranes from blockage.

The Solution: AF-800 Automatic hydraulic filters

– Taminco selected the Yamit Automatic Hydraulic self cleaning filters as – it’s UF pre-treatment solution.
– The power consumption of the filter is significant low, due to the use of the hydraulic power of the water for cleaning
– Due to the high quality of the filtered water, the UF membranes were able to perform for long periods with less backwash sequences and minimum CIP procedures.