WATER/O&G – Desal

Customer: MEARSK Oil Drill

Applicaction: RO Membrane protection -Injection Water

– Unitary Flow: 300 m3/h
– Water Quality: Sea Water


– Automatic Hydraulic Self Cleaning (Filter AF-208), ExProof
– Filtration Degree: 80 microns
– Materials: SMO254, Titanium & Marine Bronze, StSt316L
– Especial: Skid Mounted
– Country: Qatar

Case Study:

The Need: Seawater Pre-Filtration for RO

– Maersk Oil drill platform located of the shore of Katar utilizes desalinated sea water oil extraction process for injection into the drilling site.
– The system was designed to include filters to ensure removal of any impurities, such as shells, algae and suspended solids
– The filtration solutions had to be space, energy and operations efficient, with anti corrosion features

The Solution: AF-208 Automatic hydraulic filters

– The filter was designed to work at a 300m3/h capacity with a filtration degree of 80 µm
– The filter is mounted on an explosion proof enclosure and built from corrosion resistant structural materials
– The power consumption of the filter is significant low, due to the use of the hydraulic power of the water for cleaning