WATER/O&G – Off Shore

EPC: Veolia

End User : BP Oil

Application: Injection Water

– Unitary Flow: 8890 m3/h
– Water Quality: Brackish Water
–  Use: To increase  Oil Reservoir Pressure


– Atomatic Self Cleaning Filter (MEGA 1400), Skid Mounted – Units: 7+1
– Filtration Degree: 10 microns
– Materials: Body – CS Internal Rubber Lining+Special external Coating – Internal: StSt904L
– Design Code: ASME Sec VIII Div I, U Stamp
– Country: DUBAI

Case Study

The Need: Brackish Water Filtration

– The oil reservoir utilizes injected brackish water to increase the oil pressure
– To eliminate the risk of injection nozzles blockage, a pre-injection filtration process is required.

The Solution: Mega 1400 Automatic Electric filters

– Veolia Dubai selected the Yamit Mega 1400 Automatic Electric Self Cleaning Suction Fine Screen Filter
– The filters were provided skid mounted for fast installation on site and were design was ASME (VIII Div I) ‘U’ stamped