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SECGROUP launches his new range of Chillers

SECGROUP continues to innovate and extends the range of solutions for the air and gas treatment industry, with the development of a new CPA Range in Chillers.

This new development has been possible with the incorporation of specialized technicians, and the experience of more than 60 years in the Air and Gas treatment of our Technical department.

The main features are:
• Refrigerating power from 3.3 to 480 KW
• Designs for ATEX environments
• Incorporation of custom options:

  • Semi-hermetic motors
  • Air / water radiator plus a condensing radiato
  • Centrigufugal fans.

Airsec renews and specialices. Now is SECGROUP

AIRSEC SA changes its image and positioning in the market with new specialized divisions, incorporating specialized professionals and new range of products and solutions in each of its divisions.

SECGROUP will be the new commercial name of the company, operating through its three divisions AIRSEC, WATERSEC and GASSEC providing treatment solutions to each of the AIR, WATER and GAS markets.


SECGROUP combines the engineering, Manufacturing as well as the services of Finance, HR, Purchasing, Logistics for the rest of Divisions, that are oriented totally to the client in Technical-Commercial level.

New dryer refrigerator line for PET ( up to 50Bar)

SECGROUP, through its division AIRSEC presents a new development of its new high pressure plate dryer, specially designed for the PET blowing sector. 

The new refrigeration dryer improves in its tubular predecessor, providing the following advantages:

 secgroupDrastic reduction of energy consumption
secgroupReduction of footprint by more than 50%
secgroupReduced weight and transportation costs.
secgroupWorkability with pressures between 35-50 bar.