Since its establishment in 1949, as AIRSEC S.A, the company has been identified as a pioneer in the design and manufacture of industrial equipment for the integral treatment, drying of air and gas. By the end of the 60’s, it was already consolidated as a solvent in technological solutions for air and gas treatment.

As a result of this national and international recognition, and its long experience in AIR and GAS markets, a greater specialization in these areas is initiated with the creation of AIRSEC and GASSEC divisions, and in this way the Development of new specific solutions.

Also, in order to meet the global needs of Industrial and Engineering customer’s worldwide as the beginning of Industrial solutions of filtration under the brand WATERSSEC, and everything Under the umbrella of the brand SECGROUP.

SECGROUP is commitment. Commitment to a path traveled since 1949 offering industrial solutions. Commitment to quality and innovation, understanding that only the most advanced technological solutions guarantee sustainability. Sustainability as the best legacy we can leave to the generations.

This is SECGROUP’s project and its daily commitment. A project in growth, with perspective of integral solution and with determination to be a national and international reference in global industrial solutions in the three segments for the same client.