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Global Services

Original Spare Parts

    Adsorbent Material Filter Cartridges Valves Control panels Transmitters Resistors Pressure switches Sensors  

Equipment Revamping

  After more than 60 years of designing, manufacturing and installing our solutions worldwide, our equipment fleet is still working in most cases.   We offer: Technical-Economic Diagnosis by our specialists. Repair of equipment in our facilities. Renting in substitution (according to equipment). Renewal of the warranty as a new equipment. Adequacy of the equipment… View Article

Maintenance Contracts

    Through preventive maintenance contracts, as well as start-up of the facilities sold, SECGROUP optimizes the different processes through the application of the most advanced technologies.  

Engineering & Consulting

  With the ability to design solutions that adapt to the needs of the customer, as well as the completion of all the engineering required to manufacture such a solution.   We Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Industrial Air, Water and Gas Treatment Solutions. Whether to water companies, industries or municipal, general engineering and even end companies…. View Article

Technical Assistance

Either at the installation site of the customer or at the service center of SECGROUP offers a technical assistance service for any necessary repairs to each of its products and equipment. With original spare parts and a test bench, all our products are tested after repair and before being delivered and installed again. In case that customer… View Article

About us

Since our  establishment in 1949, AIRSEC S.A was initially the pioneer in the design and production of industrial equipment for the integral treatment and drying of air and compressed gases.

 In this days, AIRSEC has been recently announced as SECGROUP.

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Last News

  • 26 January 2017

    SECGROUP launches his new range of Chillers

    SECGROUP continues to innovate and extends the range of solutions for the air and gas treatment industry, with the development of a new CPA Range in Chillers. This new development has been possible with the incorporation of specialized technicians, and the experience of more than 60 years in the Air and Gas treatment of our… View Article

  • 26 January 2017

    Airsec renews and specialices. Now is SECGROUP

    AIRSEC SA changes its image and positioning in the market with new specialized divisions, incorporating specialized professionals and new range of products and solutions in each of its divisions. SECGROUP will be the new commercial name of the company, operating through its three divisions AIRSEC, WATERSEC and GASSEC providing treatment solutions to each of the… View Article

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